Easily customize and download the localised marketing materials you need in minutes with a Self-Service Brand Management Platform

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Make available the right content to the right people.

Permission based access allows your team to set accessibility rights to artworks that require sharing restrictions. On a general scale permissions can be classified as with departments or external users such as region based offices or even vendors.

Power to Localise


Enable users to localise marketing contents depending upon their immediate marketing requirements, all within branding standards without the need for lengthy approval work cycles.

Adaptations happen within a few minutes of need.

Direct Benefits

All artworks in centralized portal
24 x 7 Permission based global access
Increase speed to market
Control artwork adaptation consistency
Ensure brand standard and legal compliance


Improve employee efficiency
On board new employees efficiently
Reduce manual errors and time on approvals 
Be ahead of your competitors

Indirect Benefits


The Idea

Creative adaptation can never be a creative task. Its just a replication of a design into different sizes. Brand owners are adamant that their brand standards be maintained uniformly throughout their campaigns. Hence the approvals for each creative adaptation must be considered to keep check for brand standards and compliance. In most scenarios brand owners fail to understand the time, the managerial body spends for these mundane approval workflow processes. Even extending to other employees who are tied into these workflows. The need for a standard technique with the most effective workflow method is the need of the hour. Technology has changed and businesses and institutions have progressed. Conventional practices have been replaced with unique and modern solutions. Understanding these changes in the most common platforms like – Banking, that did not scale; technology replaced it with secured online banking systems, Travelling, that did not scale, technology replaced it with secure online booking systems. In the same angle, Creatives did not scale…...until now. Mediacloud focuses on the core concept of automization of creatives.

The Scope

On boarding individuals into your team can be a hectic task. Training and guidance sometimes tend to be less practical, unless the candidate comes with years of experience. Even still, for them to adapt according to your brand standards would seem very effortful and time consuming, when you are a brand who emphasize on time management. With proper standardization using the Mediacloud platform on boarding would be much easier since its more effortless and easily understandable. Decentralization of creatives to enable local marketing to be more effective may seem ideal, but it comes at a cost of having to compromise on brand standards to a limit. Our platform enables all the users to avail access to only the latest creatives based on brand guidelines. So be it a vendor or a regional ad agency, you never need to worry about compromising on brand guidelines, ever again. Approval workflows for your adapted creatives helps your team to work on a much more effective and efficient way. Standardize your approval workflow directions, simplifying one off creative requests. Enable focused localized marketing with variable editing, template based creatives for your localized marketing campaigns. Empowering your local sales and marketing teams to boost sales with readily available marketing materials.